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    On Wednesday, BlackBerry was forced to concede that U.S. shoppers in the market for a new BlackBerry Q10 will have to wait longer for this much-anticipated smartphone to launch. Due to ongoing "carrier testing" issues, the BlackBerry Q10 may not reach consumers in the United States until June.

    By then, the iPhone 5S, HTC M7, and Samsung Galaxy S IV may have already moved the smartphone industry so far ahead that BlackBerry's "comeback" will be over before it even began. Nonetheless, while BlackBerry tries to sort out carrier testing issues, the company is also having to put out fires on more than one continent tonight.

    In addition to the unfortunate news about device delays, Australia is slowing bidding farewell to BlackBerry.

    Over the next month and a half, the Australian Department of Treasury will ditch its fleet of BlackBerry mobile phones in favor of iPhone 5s, according to chief information officer Peter Alexander. The department has traditionally provided BlackBerry devices to staff in the department, four ministers' offices, and agencies under Treasury...
    Once iOS received security clearance and certification for government use in Australia, the department made a swift decision to bump BlackBerry for the iPhone.

    "We're going to use Apple devices as our corporate platform iPhones and iPads for now," Alexander says, adding that "BlackBerry has pretty limited capability. With the new one being launched, it's almost too late. Maybe it'll catch up, maybe it won't."


    Source: ZDNet
    2013-02-07 09:00 AM
  2. runey71's Avatar
    That clearance for government use is probably what prompted my company (also in Australia obviously) to ditch Blackberry for iPhones. Hopefully when I get back from holidays I'll have a shiny new iPhone waiting for me
    2013-02-07 10:38 AM
  3. emmanravalo's Avatar
    i don't think blackberry will ever catch up. i live in australia and most days i see people with iphones , ipad and big giant androids. i dont see much with blackberry. even for business people use android or iphone
    2013-02-07 11:10 AM
  4. Lohand's Avatar
    BlackBerry (RIM) learned nothing from the very fruit (not so phone n00b anymore) company that is "eating them for breakfast" and that is "be ready to take money within a week or less of a product announcement!" And now was such a perfect time for the reasons stated by ME (right in the sweet spot before others launch new flagship devices). This sadly will be hard to watch...

    PS Perhaps Bezos (Amazon) could come to the rescue and buy BB since they operate Android in such an independent way? The could also easily make their current Amazon (Android) App store apps compatible. Fingers crossed. Sayin...
    2013-02-07 10:01 PM