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    If you like minimalist cases, then the SIMPLcase is a project on Kickstarter that you might be interested in backing. It’s also great if you’re into traveling, because it can store a SIM eject tool, and up to three separate nano SIM cards behind the iPhone. So you'll be able to swap out your nano SIM cards and store them without worrying about losing them.

    The SIMPLcase is a thin snap-on case with qualities much like the Incipio Feather. It has a slightly tapered structure on the rear so it can house the nano SIM cards and the SIM eject tool. The feel of the case is glossy, and it says "SIMPLi5" on the back.

    From what it looks like, all the buttons and edges of the iPhone are exposed to the elements. The hole for the camera is shaped like a water drop, and gets thinner towards the LED flash. The design on the rear of the case actually doubles as a stand, and you can place any credit card, bank card, or membership card in the slot on the rear to stand the case up either horizontally or vertically:

    The SIMPLcase is being made for the iPhone 5 for sure, and iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S prototypes are in the works, however the minds behind SIMPLcase aren't sure if they will release the case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. If you want it for the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, they have included a form you can fill out here.

    The SIMPLcase will come in the following color choices:

    • Black shell with Turquoise Blue rubber SIM card and tool holder
    • White shell with Turquoise Blue rubber SIM card and tool holder
    • Tungsten Gray shell with Kickstarter Green rubber SIM card and tool holder (Limited Edition color - only 1000 will ever be produced)

    The SIMPLcase can be obtained for backing the project with just $12. To get the limited edition Tungsten Gray shell with Kickstarter Green rubber SIM card and tool holder, you will have to shell out $18 – only 1,000 of these are being made. The deal includes free International shipping. Every SIMPLcase will come with its own SIM eject tool, but you'll have to obtain your nano SIM cards on your own!

    Also, why not check out this Kickstarter project from the new Kickstarter app?

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  2. Raybeast's Avatar
    I would love to back this!
    2013-02-15 04:47 AM
  3. thazsar's Avatar
    Decent idea; not enough edge protection
    2013-02-15 05:02 AM
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    Case is not all about the style, it's also about the protection. Nice but I pass
    2013-02-15 07:23 AM
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    I love the nano sim ideas. Those can be a pain in the neck when you travel, the card idea is fun and will get criticized but I think it's still a good idea, the only thing I resent with all case makers is when they don't lip over buttons the camera or the screen, that's probably the biggest thing I want people to mention in reviews. Otherwise this is great fun idea
    2013-02-15 04:03 PM
  6. d0t's Avatar
    Brilliant design! I'd buy one!
    2013-02-15 09:59 PM