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    I concede! Playing in photoshop. Let me know how it goes! Have a good one.
    Stupid fricking Long Boot bug is back after 6.1.2 and Evasi0n 1.4. Anyone else getting this? Sometimes I just wanna drop Kik this damned phone.. Aaaaaaarrrggh!!!!
    2013-02-20 07:25 AM
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    2013-02-20 07:34 AM
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    Okay. PKGBackup is totally screwed in 6. Unusable. Puts some really nasty stuff back in your phone. Was always smooth for me in past. Cydia does not say its ready for iOS6.. Or shall we say its NOT ready for 6.1.2 Evasi0n 1.4. Set up as new and I have everything back. Gonna not use respring at all to check battery.

    EDITED: Well I think it may not be PKGBackUp's fault. I think my backup on DropBox may have been corrupted in some way. When I hard restored all prior to using PKGBackup - and I clicked on VIEW RESTORE - even with the only Cydia package being installed - it said only 44 out of 85 needed to be restored. That CAN NOT be right. Many others are saying that PKGBackup worked great for them after the upgrade to 6.1.2. So it much have been something with my DropBox backup. Suffice it to say. I will likely use it again and hope for the best.

    OpenBackUp is great. But that doesn't save 'tweak data' or settings. Where PKGBackUp does. So I'm torn in how to best use the two tools most effectively. I just know I don't want to ever again go through what I did from 10:30pm to 3:30am last night. LOL!!
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    2013-02-20 09:12 AM
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    My ip5 works great...
    2013-02-20 11:04 PM
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