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    Apple’s iTunes U store content has reached a total of one billion downloads according to a press release that Apple released Thursday morning.

    iTunes U allows eager users to download courses offered from several different universities, including Duke, Yale, and Cambridge, and watch lectures to try and learn new things. iTunes U also offers other educational content from other organizations. The application, as well as the services the application offers, are offered at no cost to the user. The lectures are stored in the iTunes U application to be watched at the user's pace and the user's convenience.

    Apple's Eddy Cue comments on the milestone:

    It’s inspiring to see what educators and students of all types are doing with iTunes U. With the incredible content offered on iTunes U, students can learn like never before―there are now iTunes U courses with more than 250,000 students enrolled in them, which is a phenomenal shift in the way we teach and learn.
    According to the release, over 60% of iTunes U course downloads happen outside of the United States. iTunes U proves to be a great way to spread affordable knowledge on a global scale.

    If you haven't already, you can download the free iTunes U application from the App Store via this link.

    Sources: Apple via MacRumors
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