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    Managing files on your iDevice can be a big task, especially if you factor in the time you spend searching and trying out various apps from the AppStore. Let me make things simple for you. Stop Searching. A new app has arrived that finally manages your files with ease.

    Introducing Files, a new app that makes file management simple and elegant. With Files, you can manage your photos, videos, music, documents and a whole lote more just liek you would on Springboard. Image and video previews are displayed so you can get a sneak peek at the files your managing. You can create folders and folders inside of folders.

    Optionally you can switch to a "traditional" view which lists files much like we see with the app iFile.

    Files will also allow users to transfer anything from your PC to your iDevice using their web interface software. Alongside this is the ability to import emails, photos, and utilize several cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

    Files is clearly ahead of its times, especially when chalked up next to other various apps that try to accomplish the same.

    You can find Files on iTunes for $1.00

    Files App - Simple and Elegant File Management-mzl.mniyxhgh.320x480-75.jpgFiles App - Simple and Elegant File Management-mzl.zikcqyas.320x480-75.jpgFiles App - Simple and Elegant File Management-mzl.hmknsssu.320x480-75.jpgFiles App - Simple and Elegant File Management-mzl.nahynldk.320x480-75.jpgFiles App - Simple and Elegant File Management-mzl.ugcxlual.320x480-75.jpg
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    2013-02-28 09:19 PM
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    Poorly wirtten article. If you aren't going to bother with a spell/grammar check, leiks a lote, then I'm not going to bother watching the video.
    2013-02-28 11:03 PM
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    What's with the grammar police? Are you really gonna ignore the content because his spelling is off? Granted a spellcheck before posting an article should be standard protocol. It's not like we are dealing with people that make money writing. Come off your pedestal my friend. I'm sure he's crushed you won't view a video that serves him no monetary gain or loss. He's simply informing you of a pretty cool app. One I actually purchased and like. Take it easy on the guys donating time to give us info.
    2013-03-01 12:24 AM
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    Two post in two years wouldn't worry about him.
    2013-03-01 12:31 AM
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    Two post in two years wouldn't worry about him.
    Lol. Anyway. Wonder if apple would implement a sd card slot on the upcoming iPhone. That would go hand and hand with the file manager.
    2013-03-03 09:50 PM