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    Twitter has just launched an update to the free iOS application in the App Store, bringing it to version 5.4 this Wednesday afternoon.

    The update makes note of some improvements to searching for things on Twitter according to the change log, you will receive more results pertaining to your query in real time and suggestions will pop up when you add a hash tag or Twitter handle to a Tweet. Also, when searching for something, Twitter promises to deliver top Tweets from big moments in the past pertaining to whatever you searched for.

    Additional enhancements include an improved Web page view, which will now display the Tweet relating to the Web page. You can hide or show the Tweet by pulling the tray up or down. Also, if you notice a long Twitter conversation in your timeline, and tap on it to see the conversation in its entirety, Twitter for iOS now supports showing every reply to a Tweet. Also notable, blocking a user on Twitter from the iOS app will now make their Tweets disappear instantly, and a new animation will now display when you pull to refresh from the Discover tab.

    Less notable changes in this update include:

    • Support for logging out on iOS 6
    • Support for traditional Chinese
    • Video hosts Mobypicture, Vodpod, and Posterous are no longer supported
    • Other miscellaneous fixes and improvements for stability of the application

    Existing users of Twitter will find the update from the Updates tab in the App Store. Alternatively, you can grab the Twitter application from the App Store for free from this link.

    Sources: App Store
    2013-03-06 09:43 PM