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    its funny how apple sues the **** outa samsung but they allow a perfect ******* clone of the iPhone 5 to be sold in china -_- which in turn will be sold in the states over ebay and online shopping
    How is this a perfect clone? It might look like one but it is still a piece if crap. It's like calling a Pontiac Fiero with a "Ferrari" body a perfect clone of a Ferrari. Besides, they don't sue because the makers don't care and would never show up in a court let alone hand over any money.
    2013-03-12 03:54 PM
  2. camxposure's Avatar
    Wow, it surprises me that Modmyi would post this article. It is basically a plug for the mentioned "iphone", despite calling it a "cheap knockoff". Not only does it inform users of the knockoff, it goes as far as telling us where we can purchase it. This seems like quite the double standard, given that any mention of piracy is strictly forbidden and HEAVILY censored... But shady Asian companies (not Samsung THIS time) selling knockoff iPhones is not only okay to talk about, but advertised with direct links....weird.
    I sit at home with nothing to do - when I hear of something I'm opposed of - I retract from it RIGHT AWAY - blocking all known issues to avoid from me having to be exposed to all the evils in the world...

    anyone want to webcam!!!
    2013-03-12 08:42 PM
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