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    China Mobile will reportedly spend in excess of $4 billion this year to develop and cultivate its 4G network. The effort underscores the importance of Apple's iPhone to the prominent Chinese mobile operator.

    Just how big is China Mobile? The world's largest mobile carrier has twice as many subscribers as the entire population of the United States. That's 715 million subscribers if you're keeping score at home.

    Reuters confirmed today that the carrier even has 10 million customers who already own the iPhone despite the incompatibility of the carrier's TD-SCDMA 3G technology.

    Industry experts expect Apple's next iPhone will support China Mobile's TD-LTE 4G technology, even though this will be less widely used than the FDD-LTE standard.
    "Apple's iPhones will be like a killer app for China Mobile once its gets its 4G up and running," Huang Leping, an analyst at Nomura International, tells Reuters. "That will definitely boost user numbers, though it will weigh on the bottomline in the first year or so as China Mobile will most probably have to provide heavy handset subsidies for the iPhone."

    Source: Reuters
    2013-03-14 10:29 PM