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    Evernote Food, an app that provides people a way to search and save recipes, locate restaurants close-by, and share food experience details has updated to version 2.1 today, following the release of version 2.0 back in December. Evernote Food is updated with more services allowing integration with popular restaurants and social apps.

    If you have the OpenTable app on your iOS device, you can go ahead and delete it because OpenTable’s reservation system is now built into the app itself. Not only can you make reservations on the updated version of Evernote, but you can also share saved recipes via Twitter, Facebook or e-mail. In addition to all the new features, Foursquare’s ratings for restaurants are available for viewing so you can see what others thought about the restaurant before going.

    The update has other minor improvements and users located in Japan and China can now search for recipes from top regional publishers as well. The company is smartly partnering with other social apps and tying in activity experiences back to Evernote. Evernote had reported a security breach earlier this month, so today’s update reminds you to reset your password as well.

    Source: Evernote (blog)

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    2013-03-20 08:23 AM