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  1. andygev35's Avatar
    The image for AT&T in the OP is very appropriate...
    2013-04-03 01:04 AM
  2. Ozdude's Avatar
    How much do you pay for your plan?

    I doubt it'll be a charge for this. BUT...TBH I just wanna know when they will start enabling Facetime over LTE which i know they were Enabling on People iPhones; cause i know there was a petition sent to the FCC about this.

    We prob pay through the nose compared to US, I haven't seen what a 4G top plan looks like over there. But my plan is run through my business and equates roughly to a $120 a month standalone plan. It's a bit different as my businesses plan has some kind of talk/text overall usage plan, that gets shared between all the assoc accounts- I let the IT people worry about all that. I can say that it does have a defined 6gb data limit, which is stuff all 4G data- kind of renders 4G benefit useless for much other than basic phone stuff(you don't want to go tethering to a laptop and going nuts with d/ls). Facetime works no problem for us. I've tested it between iPhone 5 and iPad mini over LTE.
    2013-04-03 06:36 AM
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