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    Feedly seems to have quickly become the RSS feed-reading client to beat since the announcement of Google’s Reader’s impending shutdown. Since Google’s March 13 announcement, Feedly says it has seen over 3 million new users join the service. Since the influx of users, the service has announced new versions of its mobile client for the iPod, iPad, iPod Touch and Android iterations. New users who are making the switch from Google Reader should have an easy time: sign up for Feedly before Reader is gone on July 1 and your feeds will simply transfer over.

    The updated app features an improved search engine which improved the speed of finding what you’re looking for and has over 50 million RSS feeds which it brings right to your device. It boasts an improved search algorithm that utilizes the searches of the entire Feedly community to find the most relevant feed results for your search. In addition, the app has added a new feature called “Must Reads.” Posts from the feeds you promote as “Must Reads” will be moved to the top of your feed panel and “Today” section.

    Sharing has been improved with the addition of Google+ and the option to select which service will appear as the sharing shortcut in the main toolbar. The update also removes the ability for users to search just their own feeds. The development has lead to many complaints from longtime users on their official announcement blog. The company says the feature is a bit too resource heavy for the current version and hopes to restore it in a future update.

    The folks over at TechCrunch are also reporting that Feedly is finally addressing their long-term business model, one that will ultimately ask some users to pay for the service. In an email with Feedly cofounder Cyril Moutran, the executive implied they would be exploring a freemium model for power users. “We have also heard from our power users that they would like deeper integration with other services they use and pay for, like Evernote and Dropbox. We intend to launch a premium version of Feedly this year on a subscription basis that would include new features for power users.”

    The updated Feedly apps are available in the App Store.

    Source: Feedly (blog), TechCrunch

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    2013-04-02 07:11 PM