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    Some of you may recall QuickShoot, a free jailbreak tweak we showed you in February by iOS developer flux that allowed you to take photographs inconspicuously with a double-tap of the Camera application icon. The same developer has just released QuickShoot Pro, a 99 jailbreak tweak, which is a much more fully-featured secretive photograph snapper with numerous new features!

    QuickShoot Pro allows the user to both snap photographs and capture video without the iOS device display being obvious of such actions. This is because the Camera interface doesn't appear on the display while the device is capturing video or snapping photographs. You can use the double-tap Camera application icon (or any other application icon) method to do this, or you can set individual Activator actions – one for photographs and one for videos.

    As shown above on the right, a video icon is added to the Status Bar whenever you’re capturing video just to let you know that your device is recording. When you invoke the video Activator action again to stop capturing video, this icon will disappear and your iOS device will stop recording. This is necessary for capturing video because if you forget that you are capturing video, you could end up with a device that has its storage full because of a lengthy video. This icon doesn’t appear for snapping photographs because they’re instantaneous and don’t use much storage space.

    As you can see above on the left, QuickShoot Pro also comes with a settings panel. This panel can be shown and hidden on demand with an Activator action. The panel shows you what camera is being used (front or rear), as well as allows you to enable or disable HDR, enable or disable the Camera flash, and switch between the front or rear cameras.

    QuickShoot Pro comes with a preferences pane in the Settings application where you can configure the tweak's options to your liking:

    The options the user can configure include:

    • Enabling or disabling the tweak on demand
    • Choosing between the front or rear facing camera by default
    • Picking the video quality that will be used for video capture
    • Choosing whether or not the flash will be enabled by default
    • Enabling or disabling HDR by default
    • Enabling or disabling Anti-blur by default
    • Picking Activator actions for snapping photos and capturing videos
    • Picking an Activator action for showing the camera options
    • Choosing how long the camera options will show up on the display before disappearing automatically
    • Choosing the application icon(s) you want to double-tap to snap a photograph

    Whenever you use an Activator action to snap a photograph, you will notice the screen flash white like you were taking a screenshot. The device won't make any sounds, however.

    One thing we noticed in this tweak is the attention to detail that the developer has included. If you choose to double-tap on the application icon to snap a photograph, you will see the Camera application icon animate to tell you what the application is doing. It goes from the normal Camera application, to showing you that the Camera is focusing, to letting you know that the picture was taken; it goes back to the regular Camera application just afterwards. The effect is really quite cool:

    QuickShoot Pro is completely worth the 99 price tag because of all the attention to detail, customization, and features that it comes with. If you’re looking for a fully featured inconspicuous photograph snapper and video capturer, then QuickShoot Pro is what you’ve been looking for. Use QuickShoot Pro responsibly – you can grab it right now in Cydia’s BigBoss repository for your iOS 6 device!

    Name: QuickShoot Pro
    Price: 99
    Version: 1.0-1
    Requirements: iOS 6
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: flux
    Editor's Rating:  5/5
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    2013-04-11 06:05 PM
  2. Jailbr0k's Avatar
    i like this tweak and work fine.

    2013-04-11 06:26 PM
  3. StuG III's Avatar
    Perfect for creeps :/
    2013-04-11 08:58 PM
  4. se23's Avatar
    My Facebook group "hood stamp approved" relies on secretive recording lol
    2013-04-11 10:37 PM
  5. mgmm1's Avatar
    This app does work well by either tapping the camera icon or by whatever action you choose (double tapping the status bar, etc.). I tested it on the lock screen and no issues. The only thing I notice is the delay after taking a still shot but this could be due to the output quality I chose. I just make sure not to move my device until i either see the white screen (using the activator) or the animated icon when tapping the camera icon.
    As far as I can tell, you don't need to only use the stock camera app to tap. I use ProCamera from the App store and tapping its icon work to tae stills or video.

    Nice app for $0.99. Not only for creepers but could be useful for any time you need to take a quick photo or video.
    2013-04-11 11:48 PM
  6. Mahboi's Avatar
    That's the longest iPhone display I've ever seen- is it the iPhone 6?
    2013-04-12 01:43 AM
  7. RolaZiel's Avatar
    Perfect for pervers
    2013-04-12 04:14 AM
  8. SevenThirteen's Avatar
    Any action i use plays a sound. I was under the impression that it doesn't have to be on silent, but perhaps it does?
    2013-04-17 05:52 AM
  9. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
    Any action i use plays a sound. I was under the impression that it doesn't have to be on silent, but perhaps it does?
    Yes it has to be silent.

    In many countries it's illegal to take a picture without a shutter noise, so the developer has taken this into consideration and has not disabled it on his own.
    2013-04-17 05:56 AM