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    Apple Tuesday updated their Apple Store application for iOS with some useful new features. The update brings the application to version 2.6.

    One of the most notable being that United States-based users can now check to see their eligibility for iPhone upgrades through their carrier and what it would cost to upgrade to various iPhone models. The application will have you sign into your carrier account. The user can even set a notification to be notified on the date when they are eligible for an iPhone upgrade.

    Another new feature in the updated Apple Store application is the ability to stay up to date on the status of your Apple Store deliveries. You can now receive notifications that alert you on the status of your shipments. The application will let you know when the order leaves the warehouse, update you on the shipping progress, and even let you know when the delivery is complete.

    Existing users of the Apple Store application will find the update in the Updates tab inside of the App Store application. Alternatively, you can download the Apple Store application for free from this App Store link.

    Sources: App Store
    2013-04-24 06:57 AM
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    Thanks for the info
    2013-04-24 02:23 PM
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    Wow..thats pretty cool. More info the better.
    2013-04-24 04:15 PM
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    So, I take delivery of goods from Apple and start using them and then Apple notify me that the goods have been delivered - Brilliant, I'm very impressed!!!
    2013-04-24 06:27 PM
  5. rlowride's Avatar
    2013-04-27 03:57 AM