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    Apple is celebrating A Decade of iTunes, which officially turns 10 years old this Sunday (April 28th). In doing so, the Cupertino-based tech company has posted a new banner on their Web Site in the iTunes section, which can be clicked to launch an iTunes timeline.

    The timeline shows all of the milestones iTunes has reached from 2003 until this year, 2013. It’s a pretty interesting work of art, and it shows you information that you may not have known about iTunes.

    The timeline includes information about when Apple first released the iPhone, when Apple first released the iPad and the iBooks book store for iOS, the amount of total downloaded applications at specific points in time, the top-selling songs of each year, and much more interesting stuff.

    If you have a little spare time, check out the timeline!

    Sources: Apple
    2013-04-24 09:07 PM