1. skiptowncat's Avatar
    No issues here either.
    2013-04-29 02:15 PM
  2. Lohand's Avatar
    Been using different versions of this app for some time and have been one of the luck. Didn't use the cleaner function and as far as I am concerned anyone that uses this or any other app without FIREWALL-IP (and PMP) is nuts! And buy the flippin software (Firewall-IP) don't pirate it. Someone posted something that I thought was a great practice.

    Want to know what an app might try to steal from your iOS device? Pop over to the Google Play store and check the permissions of the android version. Apple has no such permissions listing which leaves Apps to access all manner of user information without their consent (i.e. device ID, location current and history, address book, txt sms/mms, music library/playlists, photo library, call history, etc.) and these are "legitimate" app store apps we're talking about. BUY and install Firewall-IP (and PMP) and you will see what I am talking about (mind will be blown)!

    Moving on to jail break apps and the gap is of EPIC proportions! There are jailbreak apps that causes these types of device gimping issues for thousands daily. Some are stuck with the only alternative of upgrading their software via iTunes which of course causes one to loose the precious jaillbreak that are becoming increasingly harder to accomplish. But there is a more SINISTER threat and not just from the items listed above that "legitimate" app store apps make off with but other DARKER code like KEYSTROKE LOGGING (i.e. email account passwords, social network passwords, BANK account passwords), get the picture? And if you're alarmed and a little frightened, you should be!

    So what protections do you have. Apple has strict guidelines, an app review process and a centralized comment feedback system. Android has less strict guidelines but required app permissions listing for each instillation, many virus/malware apps from well known companies and a centralized comment feedback system. Rock had a centralized comment feedback system. Cydia? STILL NOTHING! If there was a centralized feedback system in Cydia (Like Rock had) PPL and the dev would know there was a problem right at the source/landing page, PERIOD!

    Another possible solution is for iOS and Android to create a native FIREWALL already! And if they're worried about the impacts to their precious data mining and ad revenue, they can manage the firewall policy as well as push updates based on threats regularly. Anyone that has a PC knows the routine (or don't because its setup to happen in the background). This however could be a big change so the low hanging fruit for us jailbreak app fans remains software like Firewall-IP and that elusive Cydia centralized feedback system!
    2013-04-29 04:15 PM
  3. johnNYChingaz's Avatar
    im using a 4S no issues here so far, it actually works very smooth
    2013-04-29 04:19 PM
  4. bobbydigitalbg's Avatar
    I am using this app from a long time. Used the chinese version and now the international. I've never had any issues till now. I've used the cleaning function too. I've an iPod Touch 4G.
    2013-04-29 06:25 PM
  5. tinasintunes's Avatar
    Wow. I don't think I've ever seen a tweak/app with so many opposite opinions. It seems people either REALLY love it or REALLY hate it.

    It's a shame that some people panic and think a "boot loop" is only fixable by restoring and/or updating and loosing their jailbreak.

    I always have measures in place so that if my phone goes into any sort of crazy loop (boot loop,respring loop or safe mode loop) I can remove the offending tweak/app without having to do anything drastic like restore.

    I personally love it. Been using it without problems.

    Now of course that I have written this I expect I will have some. Lol.

    2013-04-29 06:39 PM
  6. lilrican21's Avatar
    It's causes my 4s to lag really bad when in the music app. And it causes my springboard to crash from time to time. It's does play well with auxo. It takes for ever just to get the dock open.
    2013-04-29 07:01 PM
  7. _Vansmak_'s Avatar
    I suspect people using the clean feature are have some critical file screwed with.

    @tina I was in the love it camp but still removed it. The only thing I really miss is the alternative way to have toggles in my nc and by tapping battery. I don't like sbs and ncsettings is limited.

    For people who have issues with things like lte remember you can go in settings and prevent it from automatically disabling processes.
    2013-04-29 07:20 PM
  8. onski's Avatar
    i5 6.1.2 here and been using this for a while and never had problems with it. I also have a lot of cydia apps installed and using the free ram feature and of course the toggles switch which i like a lot. For me auxo causes conflicts with other apps, not all the times but my phone works better without it.
    2013-04-29 08:10 PM
  9. Hedrush's Avatar
    im using a 4S no issues here so far, it actually works very smooth

    Been using it for a few months now since someone mentioned it in another app review. It's had a few updates since then and not one has given me any issues. Every function works as it should including the cleanup function. I've got a massive amount of tweaks on my phone and its not conflicting with any.

    It's a such a well developed app, it looks good and it UI is something special. This could easily sell for a few $$$/. As mentioned this is one of cydias hidden gems.
    2013-04-29 09:01 PM
  10. tunechi's Avatar
    After doing a whole lot of looking and searching around most problems come from trying to use the "Clean" feature. When I had this installed I didn't run across any problems and uninstalled with no problems.
    2013-04-30 01:04 AM
  11. thazsar's Avatar
    I'm in the same boat as most of these people...

    Installed on ip5 - Ran the Cleanup - Lockscreen w/ Passcode screwed up - Rebooted phone - Recovery Mode and no way to get out of it

    Had to restore to 6.1.3...
    Now, I'm using my wife's jailbroken ip4S and gave her my ip5. A jailbroken phone is too productive versus the stock iOS.

    This tweak SUX!!!! I knew I should've just stayed away despite everyone saying how great the previous versions were.
    2013-04-30 05:05 AM
  12. gqgarnett's Avatar
    Works good for me
    2013-04-30 05:08 AM
  13. Steve11's Avatar
    I ran into a problem a couple months back with a program called "battsaver". It worked great on my old i4. It also managed radios like this tweak. My battery life more than doubled so I installed it on my gf's 4s. It killed her cell radios completely after 1 day. The carrier logo changed to a different name (bmgrafix) from Verizon and would not make calls, text etc. Tried uninstalling.. Rebooting.. Rebooting with volume up with no luck. Gave up and updated her to 6.1.3. I was on tmobile mostly using edge. She was on Verizon 3G. Maybe the carrier type is the problem everyone is having? When 3G radio is shut down..
    2013-04-30 05:50 AM
  14. evasi0n's Avatar
    I won't install this tweak after reading some of the front page comments. Wont risk losing jailbreak on my iPhone 5.
    2013-04-30 06:22 AM
  15. kadinh's Avatar
    I5 6.1.2 jb

    I installed this morning, ran a cleanup, killed processes, looked through the settings, then deleted it from my phone. My phone still works fine, but it was too much hassle for me, and I was kinda busy at work to mess with all the settings. My battery is at 42% now when usually it would be at 10, so......
    2013-04-30 06:58 AM
  16. mister jay's Avatar
    I have installed thsi tweak,

    but the bad stories here make me fear
    It works good at my iPhone 5 with iOS 5.1

    but cann I easy remove the tweak without problems?
    2013-04-30 06:02 PM
  17. pioneer88's Avatar
    As long as people understand the risk, feel free to use it. Do note that a new jailbreak will not be out until months later, so it's not just a matter of restoring when the app screws up your phone.
    2013-04-30 06:40 PM
  18. tunechi's Avatar
    I uninstalled twice with no problems... I like it but its not worth the risk of losing my jailbreak.
    2013-04-30 09:34 PM
  19. thazsar's Avatar
    Funny thing is, I could really use the help on this 4S battery! I'm using every RAM/Performance tweak minus this and a VM mod...

    Not worth it, though, even though it sounds like its working on 4S' fine
    2013-04-30 10:23 PM
  20. ogkikz's Avatar
    I have been testing the tweak for a solid 8 hours or more. I've used all of the functions.

    No boot loops, glitches, or issues with cellular radios have plagued my testing.

    I agree.
    i see almost out there who got problems are using i5 i got an 4s and i had the chinese version, i removed it and then install the english version everything was running se good..i loved the tweak until i hear about all the problems..i desinstalled ...and well i didnt lost the JB and well i dont know i wanna know if someone can tell us if its a really problem of this app.. or not..damn it i liked so much this app but im afraid to lose the JB
    2013-05-01 09:26 PM
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