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    Twitter has released an update to their iOS application Wednesday, bringing the application to version 5.6.

    The update adds support for inviting friends of yours to join Twitter directly from the Twitter application. Users will also find that the update includes better playback of Vine videos in the Twitter news feed; Vine was updated just yesterday with support for the front-facing camera. Location-based trends are also a new feature you will now be able to enjoy after the update.

    In addition, a nice new feature Twitter included in the update is that whenever a Tweet of yours is Re-tweeted by someone else, and someone replies to the person that Re-tweeted your Tweet, both you and the person that Re-tweeted you will be mentioned in the reply. This new feature is great because now you will know what people are saying about your Tweet as it gets passed around.

    The update also promises a smoother experience for the user, as performance enhancements and overall stability of the application has been improved. The improvements will be noticed mostly on older devices like the iPhone 4.

    Existing users will find the update under the Updates tab in the App Store. Alternatively, you can download the latest version of Twitter for iOS for free via this App Store link.

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