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    The New York City-based startup, Minus, previously rolled out an app that lets people find new friends in their area to chat and share photos with on a whim. One of the other nifty features the app provides is the ability for users to explore photos being shared by other Minus users around them using the exploration option. As strange as it may sound to some of you, the biggest appeal behind the app is that it can connect you with strangers nearby or around the world– which can be a pretty good “ice breaker” so to speak for those seeking to meet new people.

    According to the app’s description, users can do the following:

    • See who’s around you now and connect
    • Chat instantly with stickers & emoticons
    • Share fun photos to everyone nearby
    • Browse new photos shared around you
    One of the issues that arise with such apps is privacy concerns but this is something that the developers seem to be actively on top of. The app doesn’t update user locations in the background or drain battery life and most importantly it doesn’t pinpoint a user’s exact location either.

    The app was also recently updated to provide emoticons and stickers and the ability to swipe photos in profiles and nearby along with bug fixes and performance improvements. Unlike other recent apps, there are no in-app payments for features at the moment – making the 16.5 MB app a free download for Android and iOS users.

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    2013-05-07 08:11 PM