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    Some are pointing to Pegatron's in-process hiring spree as the most recent evidence that Apple is, indeed, moving forward with imminent production of the long-awaited but still rumored low-cost iPhone.

    Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Pegatron is the latest catalyst for what the rumor mill is churning out today. We understand that the company is hiring approximately 40,000 additional workers to help complete orders placed by Apple.

    It goes without saying that Pegatron definitely has something big in the works, as the company only employed 100,000 workers prior to the announcement of this new hiring wave. A 40% staff increase over the coming months is, indeed, a significant sign of something major on the horizon.

    "Apple is widely expected to launch the cheaper version of the iPhone in the third quarter," Reuters reported today, adding that Pegatron's Chief Financial Officer Charles Lin admitted Thursday that 60 percent of the company's 2013 revenue would come from the last six months of this year.

    Source: Reuters
    2013-05-09 04:39 PM
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    I bet even if Apple releases a plastic body iPhone, it's build quality will be better than S4.
    2013-05-09 06:36 PM