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    Amazon recently released its Cloud Drive Photos app as a competitor to Apple’s own iCloud-based Photo Stream service. Users get 5 gigabytes worth of free cloud storage and just like Photo Stream, images are uploaded to Amazon’s cloud through Amazon Cloud Drive Photos, which accesses an iOS device’s camera roll, or via an OS X app that can be downloaded from Amazon’s website. Photos can be viewed on the iOS and OS X apps or on a web client.

    Since Amazon doesn’t have access to high-level iOS device functions, operations aren’t as seamless as Apple’s implementation but the app brings an automated mode that comes close to replicating the Photos, iPhoto and iCloud experience. The app first asks for access to a user’s camera roll and once the setting is turned on, will upload new photos as they are taken and saved. Manual options include the backing of a user’s entire camera roll or select photos from various albums. Much like any other cloud storage app including Apple’s own iteration, Amazon Cloud Drive Photos supports sharing via Facebook, Twitter and email.

    One thing people need to take into consideration is storage. Apple only allows 1,000 photos to be stored on its servers for up to 30 days, while Amazon affords 2,000 pictures with no time limit. The online retail giant also has extra storage options for shutterbugs, with three subscription tiers starting at 20GB for $10 per year, 50GB for $25, and 100GB for $50.

    Those of you interested in downloading and trying Amazon Cloud Drive Photos for iOS can do download the 11.2 MB app for free from the App Store. It should be noted that the use of the app and its attached cloud storage space require an account.

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    2013-05-11 08:14 PM
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    Not bad, downloaded.
    2013-05-12 01:36 AM