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    For longtime fans of the hit Fox series 24, it's easy to recognize how much mobile technology has changed since the show debuted twelve years ago.

    After the eighth and seemingly final season of 24 ended in 2010, the show's lead character Jack Bauer still wasn't a solidified iPhone or Android loyalist. But we're told that the pressure is on at Fox to put a smartphone powered by either iOS or Android into Bauer's hands for the next season.

    That's right, there is going to be a next season.

    The FOX network confirmed Monday that “24″ is returning as a 12-episode miniseries dubbed “24: Live Another Day.”

    According to the network’s announcement, the series will follow Kiefer Sutherland’s character as he likely attempts to foil another terrorist plot. The 12 episodes will span a full 24 hour day but each show will cover a two hour period.

    Speculation surrounding the return of the critically-acclaimed series has increased since the recent publication of Kiefer Sutherland: 24/7 An Unauthorized Biography.

    According to sources close to Fox, Apple and Samsung may try to secure a marketing deal with the program's producers to put one of their flagship devices into Jack Bauer's hands for the return of 24.

    Until then, however, it is a safe bet that 24 fans will argue about whether iOS or Android is the best mobile OS for television's most beloved federal agent.

    Source: FOX
    2013-05-13 07:51 PM
  2. barondebxl's Avatar
    Best show on TV in my opinion.
    2013-05-13 11:08 PM
  3. jwil736's Avatar
    Best show on TV in my opinion.
    Good show but VERY repetitive. After watching all seasons on Netflix it got old.
    2013-05-13 11:53 PM
  4. JedixJarf's Avatar
    OMG thank you jack Bauer, I knew you could resurrect this show
    2013-05-14 02:36 AM
  5. fanboyfanboy's Avatar
    Too little too late, everyone except for the most die hard fans have forgotten about the show. I would love to see the show lost come back, but it's to far in the past. If they haven't even started production you're talking about another 6 months to a year... 4 years after the last episode? Just too late to try and bring back viewers
    2013-05-14 06:50 AM
  6. BhadKarma's Avatar
    Best show on TV in my opinion.
    Breaking bad, I say, is up there.
    2013-05-14 12:36 PM
  7. JazJon's Avatar
    Wow 24 was one of my fav shows ever. I agree the last season finally got a bit stale but I was a big enough fan to keep watching. Hopefully they can bring the original formula back.
    2013-05-14 06:00 PM