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    When T-Mobile first launched the iPhone last month, customers could purchase it for a $100 down payment with 24 monthly payments of $20 to cover the full cost of the device. The promotion has now ended and the 16GB iPhone 5 has its price tag increased by $50, now up to a $150 down payment with the same monthly payments. What this does is effectively raise the cost of the phone to $630 from $580 over the life of the plan according to TmoNews.

    The 32GB and 64GB iPhone 5 models have seen a similar $50 price tag increase. Buying a 16GB iPhone 5 though T-Mobile is still cheaper than buying an unlocked iPhone from Apple in comparison as the device is still $650 and there is no monthly payment option if bought directly from Apple.

    T-Mobile is said to be continuing taking in trade-ins of current iPhone models to reduce the down payment required. The company reported last week that it had sold more than 500,000 iPhones in less than a month after launch.

    Source: TmoNews

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2013-05-14 02:08 AM
  2. fanboyfanboy's Avatar
    Why am I not surprised... I thought t mobile was finally changing there ways... And to think i was thinking of giving up Verizon and gettin the 5S on t mobile... :sigh:
    2013-05-14 06:57 AM
  3. Koreandude82's Avatar
    I'm glad that I finally got my Iphone 5 before the change. I was going to wait until the 5s came out, but I pulled the trigger on the 5. I guess t-mobile saw how many people were getting the 5, so why not bump up the price on them by $50.00 but at least there still taking in trade in's on the older iphone. Which you can prob go to the ecoatm machine and get more cash that way.
    2013-05-14 09:27 AM
  4. vinaygoel2000's Avatar
    I don't recall seeing the word "promotion" when they first announced that iPhone 5 will be available for $99 down. Greedy basturds.
    2013-05-15 03:36 AM
  5. Koreandude82's Avatar
    That's how this world works. Its all about making money somewhere. Yeah your right about that. When the Iphone 5 came too t-mobile, there was no promotion about the $99.00 down payment would be for a limited time or anything.
    2013-05-15 09:44 AM