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    Mophie recently announced the Juice Pack Plus, a new 2100mAh battery case for the iPhone 5. The case is the third case that the company has released for the iPhone 5, though this new $120 accessory has the largest battery of the three offerings made by Mophie as of right now. The other two are the Juice Pack Helium ($80) which has a 1500 mAh battery and the Juice Pack Air ($100) which has a 1700 mAh battery. Mophie said the following about their new offering:

    The Mophie juice pack plus is made for the user who puts their iPhone 5 through the paces morning to night, maxing out features, apps, video, email and web browsing while on-the-go. The case features a 2100mAh battery, translating to an added 120 percent of extra battery life and offers the most power of Mophie’s battery case solutions for the iPhone 5 to date. For protection, the juice pack plus’ dual-injected sleeve is engineered with a shockproof band and anti-scratch guides to help buffer the impact of falls.
    Those of you who are interested in purchasing the Mophie Juice Pack Plus can purchase it from Mophie’s website and at resellers that sell Mophie products for $120. It should be noted that the accessory comes in three colors: black, white, and Product (RED).

    Source: Mophie

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    2013-05-16 12:06 PM
  2. 2k1's Avatar
    Not to bad looks pretty slim. May check one if these out
    2013-05-16 01:03 PM
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    2013-05-16 03:47 PM
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    Gonna see when best buy gits it I have alot of gift cards for them.
    2013-05-16 04:03 PM
  5. inurse's Avatar
    is it slim? Hope so
    2013-05-16 04:44 PM
  6. Mc-Lovin_341's Avatar
    Been out for a while now. I had one for my 4s but don't think I can bring my self to buy one for my 5
    2013-05-16 05:48 PM
  7. BhadKarma's Avatar
    I'm using one for my ip4 .. Slightly bulky. But big hands do the trick.

    This case looks good for the ip5.
    2013-05-16 06:14 PM
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    Shark Design has a better case for my money. Not bad though.
    2013-05-16 06:29 PM
  9. edwilk55's Avatar
    For me, I've owned 6 Mophie cases in the past. The quality isn't there to justify their pricing. They are proud because Apple carries their line, but I've had one case just stop working and one micro-usb connector snap right off. They aren't bad, but they aren't any better than most of the others that are $60-80. IMHO!
    2013-05-16 07:33 PM
  10. Iteh_skyss's Avatar
    I'm using one for my ip4 .. Slightly bulky. But big hands do the trick.

    This case looks good for the ip5.
    I've had one for a little over a year now on my iPhone 4 I've put it though everything it's cracking and the changer is lose but both are my fault.. But even with all these problems with it I still love the case and am planning on buying another one
    2013-05-16 07:56 PM
  11. bradmullins007's Avatar
    They effect your signal terribly. I know they claim not to do that but my mophie juice pack air took my signal down from 4 bars to 1 bar and sometimes even 0. It wasn't a fluke either because another guy I work with bought one and he had the same issue. I used a phone suit elite on my 4s with no issues but this makes the second battery case I've tried with my iPhone 5 and no luck. The other was a Maxboost and I had no signal at all with it..
    2013-05-17 10:36 AM
  12. ABOSWORTH's Avatar
    I worked for a company that used to distribute all of their cases for Mophie when the company was first started. The guy who founded the company is really young and has made quite a living for himself already.
    2013-05-17 03:34 PM