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    eBay has Thursday issued an update to its free eBay iOS application, which adds some useful new features and an improved user interface that looks a whole lot better than before.

    New features in the update include the ability to scan a Driver’s License to easily register for an account with eBay. The scanning automatically finds the information necessary to make your account and auto-fills it for you. This feature is not yet available everywhere – only in some states in the United States.

    Another new feature is the ability to check out with multiple items at once, rather than one at a time. This helps the user save time, rather than going one by one. This feature is currently only available in the United States and United Kingdom.

    For those looking to make it easier on themselves to see pictures of the product they’re looking for, the update makes it so you can easily see larger photos of the products by tapping on the grid icon at the top of the search results. This feature is for iOS 6 devices only.

    Users will also find bidding to be a better experience after this update, and many bug fixes and ability improvements have been added to add to the overall user experience.

    Existing users of the eBay application for iOS can download the update from the Updates tab in the App Store. New users of the eBay application for iOS can download the latest version of the application from this App Store link.

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    2013-05-16 06:51 PM
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    2013-05-16 07:17 PM
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    Agree looks a little bit better now
    2013-05-16 08:34 PM
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    2013-05-17 04:47 AM