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    In an effort to improve the standing of its smartphone lineup against the iPhone, Samsung is turning to third-party developers for help. The South Korean tech giant is offering $800,000 in prize money for Galaxy-specific apps. Samsung’s global developer competition will see 10 winners with the prize money distributed among them. According to The Wall Street Journal, the company is seemingly interested in apps that can coordinate with Samsung’s Group Play service, which allows users to share content such as photos, games, and music between devices at the same time.

    Attracting developers specifically to the Galaxy line would allow Samsung to distinguish itself from other Android manufacturers. Developers will need to use Samsung’s proprietary Chord SDK for media streaming and impromptu networking in order to be eligible for the prize money. The company is looking to develop it to the point where it’s an industry standard.

    Of the contest’s $800,000 prize, $200,000 is said to go to the first place winner, with three second place winners taking home $100,000 each, and six third-place winners getting $50,000 each. The winners will be determined by uniqueness, functionality, usability, commercial potential, and design. All of the submitted entries must be for free apps as well, not paid, although an in-app purchasing model and advertising is allowed.

    This competition is the second time Samsung has used its considerable cash reserves to increase developer support for its devices. In 2010, the company paid out $2.7 million to draw developer interest to its bada budget smartphone platform. This is the second year the company is holding it’s Smart App Challenge for Android.

    Generally speaking, apps written for Apple’s iOS tend to have more polish than those written for Android, due in no small part to the myriad of devices that make up the Android ecosystem. Getting apps of comparable quality made specifically for the Galaxy would help the South Korean tech giant to close the gap with Apple in terms of user experience, which is an area that Samsung is typically thought to lag behind the Cupertino California company. Ultimately, we’ll have to wait and see if the competition helps accomplish this seemingly long-term goal.

    Source: The Wall Street Journal

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2013-05-21 01:57 AM
  2. iN2K's Avatar
    Hmm. I had the gs4 and after a day of using it I returned and got the iPhone 5. Only took me a short time to learn the phone. I got annoyed quick and the last straw was apps crashing causing the phone to reboot.
    2013-05-21 02:03 AM
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    Same thing here. My IPhone was acting up so I went ahead and purchased the GS4 and after 7 days of trying to make sense on the reason why I switched I went ahead returned it and bought me another iPhone. Don't know if it is cause I have been using iPhone since it came out but for some reason it wasn't the same. I did like the bigger screen though.
    2013-05-21 02:21 AM
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    I don't like android too much. They aren't bad phones, just not for me, jailbreaking is too fun ;P
    iPhone 5c - iOS 7.0.4 Jailbroken
    2013-05-21 03:07 AM
  5. vinaygoel2000's Avatar
    I don't like android too much. They aren't bad phones, just not for me, jailbreaking is too fun ;P
    I don't like Android either. I'd take a stock iOS over Android.
    2013-05-21 03:22 AM
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    +1 to the previous 4 comments
    2013-05-21 05:23 AM
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    So you pay more devs instead of using all ones you already have that developed all your S apps (looking at you S Health)? Good Buisness model Samsung...
    2013-05-21 06:09 AM
  8. subywrex's Avatar
    I agree I switched to a GS3 before the iPhone 5 came out. Used it for 2 weeks and traded it straight up for another iPhone 4S until the iPhone 5 came out. Android just wasn't my cup of tea I guess
    2013-05-21 08:17 AM
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    Doesn't anybody stick to the topic anymore? Nothing wrong with this competition and the phones. You must be a bit simple if you find android any harder to operate than iOS even my 4 year old uses a stock android device efficiently.
    2013-05-21 10:03 AM
  10. tridley68's Avatar
    Samsung will always be second best next to Apple so they just better get used to it maybe a more stable platform and I might switch from my I phone 5 nah just kidding I would never do that
    2013-05-21 01:17 PM
  11. Nikhil Gorwani's Avatar
    Samsung is catching up which is good. We might be looking at something better than other Android phones.
    2013-05-21 03:12 PM
  12. tridley68's Avatar
    Anyone that purchases a Samgsung phone deserves exactly what they get faulty Apps and unstable platform that always crashes .
    2013-05-21 03:22 PM
  13. jasvncnt10's Avatar
    Anyone that purchases a Samgsung phone deserves exactly what they get faulty Apps and unstable platform that always crashes .
    Really? I have no idea what these people are doing with their Android's but I dont have any issues with apps FC'ing or stability. But I am rooted and running custom ROM so maybe that makes a difference.
    2013-05-21 05:57 PM
  14. zeppy's Avatar
    "Samsung is turning to third-party developers for help" This is innovation and is wonderful!

    Apple has 'stolen/implemented' ideas from developers including Cydia developer tweaks and slowly incorporates a few of them at a time in each iOS release.

    Apple get your act together or keep rotting away at your core while Samsung laughs in your face.

    Someone get rid of Apple management already and let the bright talented people at Apple take over and embrace the awesomeness of developers and innovators around the world!

    Paying developers like Samsung is doing above, is also a good idea Apple, since it is a FACT that you have avoided billions in dollars in corporate profits taxes.

    Apple, can you share a few of those dollars to those developers who actually innovate?
    2013-05-24 03:57 PM