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    Rovio has Thursday begun offering Angry Birds Space for free in the App Store. The promo is available for both the regular version of the application, which is usually 99˘, and the iPad version of the application, which is usually $2.99.

    Angry Birds Space is different from the regular Angry Birds series, because out in space physics are different. In the game, you don’t see as much gravity as you would be used to in the regular Angry Birds series. Planets and other objects in space pull you in in all kinds of directions as you rocket in a specific direction with hardly any resistance.

    Angry Birds Space comes with over 160 fun levels to keep you busy for at least the next work week, and Rovio updates the game every once in a while with additional levels to help you keep your productivity at work at an all time low.

    Those interested in downloading Angry Birds Space while it’s currently free of charge in Apple’s App Store can download the iPhone/iPod touch version of Angry Birds Space from this App Store link, or the iPad version of Angry Birds Space from this App Store link.

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    2013-05-23 06:08 PM
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    Got it.
    2013-05-23 06:28 PM
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    Downloaded it also!
    2013-05-24 12:47 AM
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    I think on the iPhone side I have every Angry Birds iteration for free through promos now.
    iPad: I have all but the Star Wars one from promos.
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    2013-05-24 01:03 AM