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    As time passes, Apple's iOS Passbook is becoming a more established convenience feature of many modern travel experiences, including air travel.

    Last night, Alaska Airlines quietly rolled out an update to its official iPhone application that makes it possible for travelers to use the Passbook service to present their boarding passes. Described as an easy and efficient process, passengers can store their boarding pass in Passbook and, just like magic, it will present itself on the iPhone lockscreen upon reaching the airport.

    Adding another convenience to the mix, the updated app can even send users push notifications regarding their flight alerts. There's also check-in reminders.

    "While we’ve enabled electronic boarding passes for some time through our own native apps, support for Apple Passbook will offer our customers additional mobile functionality guaranteed to make the travel experience even easier. This has been a big request from customers,” commented said Curtis Kopf, the VP of Customer Innovation at Alaska Airlines.

    Alaska Airlines 2.6 can be downloaded now at the Apple App Store for free.

    Source: Alaska Airlines App (iTunes Link)
    2013-05-31 10:16 PM