1. bisayakid07's Avatar
    I'm not giving up tetherme!
    2013-06-11 05:29 AM
  2. kosher1's Avatar
    With no access to iFile, forget it!
    2013-06-11 07:20 AM
  3. PokemonDesigner's Avatar
    Doesn't matter to me. I left for the beta without an activated UDID. Totally worth it.
    2013-06-11 07:37 AM
  4. NSXrebel's Avatar
    I'm upgrading. SBSettings, NO LSB, Clear Lockscreen, are a few of the tweaks I have. TetherMe I can do without for a while. Chances are there will be a a jailbreak for iOS 7 eventually, but stock, 7 looks like it will be enough for me.
    2013-06-11 07:37 AM
  5. algojobathosai's Avatar
    I still pretty in love with my google maps
    2013-06-11 07:41 AM
  6. NSXrebel's Avatar
    I still pretty in love with my google maps
    Meh. TomTom>Google. And Apple Maps have worked great for me.
    2013-06-11 08:22 AM
  7. hypnopotamus's Avatar
    no upgrade without jb...i'll wait
    2013-06-11 09:26 AM
  8. jtanner's Avatar
    My JailBroken 4s will be be staying JB until iOS7 is broken, my 5 is already on 6.1.3 so going up to 7 wont do me any harm (Nothing to lose) gonna go try out the beta now!
    2013-06-11 09:55 AM
  9. Just Dummy's Avatar
    You can't downgrade your 5 and its laggy as hell still.
    2013-06-11 10:11 AM
  10. jtanner's Avatar
    Well there's no JB for 6.1.3 anyway, so moving upto 7 makes no real difference as it's highly unlikely a 6.1.3 JB would be developed.
    My 5 is collecting dust anyway as it's a spare phone which makes it the perfect test-bed
    2013-06-11 10:15 AM
  11. sand_man's Avatar
    A few reasons why I won't be upgrading at the expense of my JB.

    2013-06-11 11:03 AM
  12. novadam's Avatar
    I like to get to know my girls for a while and wake up next to them a few times before I consider putting a ring on their finger.
    2013-06-11 11:58 AM
  13. Julessndra's Avatar
    I will be sticking with my ios6 jailbreak on the iPhone 5 I just love movie box & music box unless someone has a alternative ��
    2013-06-11 12:03 PM
  14. primalscream.40's Avatar
    Think ill keep my ip4s on 6.1.2 I like my quick reply. If apple had included that in there line up I'd more than likely updated. Wait have I lost my mind. I'm not giving up my JB
    2013-06-11 01:01 PM
  15. Dranon's Avatar
    youre an nice person if you think that because someone wants passcoded apps that theyre hiding something from their wife, maybe you dont have friends but a lot of us do and sometimes they use our phones and theres certain things we dont want them going in so this tweak would be useful for a lot of people
    ALSO your kids may want to play a game or something on your phone and you MAY want to hide something form them ! Like all my girly pics!
    2013-06-11 01:23 PM
  16. antsu's Avatar
    This certainly adds 'quite' a bit features from Cydia. Otherwise pretty nice setup. Video shows it excellently.

    I need JB because need samba and/or direct access to my network linux servers either via smb, ssh or ftp. Now can just tap on email attachement and save on servers over lan with FileBrowser. I get daily about 15-20 Cad dxf pictures. How else could I instantly copy them to servers with stock ios. This one feature they should add.

    Also works other way. I can use ssh or FileBrowser to move files to iPad's Documents folder to view them on iPad. Otherwise would need be fysically on server and email from there to iPad to view. Now can do this on the road. If missing a picture on customers worksite I can just Ssh into server and grab it.

    Not all just play games nor make fancy themes. I carry now about 8-10kg of physical papers on iPad and have direct axcess to 4tb more. Where ever I am.
    Last edited by antsu; 2013-06-11 at 06:00 PM.
    2013-06-11 01:30 PM
  17. Dranon's Avatar
    While watching the iOS 7 part of the keynote, it was very noticeable that at least half of it is stuff that i already have via JB tweaks.
    Having complete control over my phone is a lot better than the minimal control & only some of the tweaks.
    And the nasty, android looking apps, are rediculous. those fugly apps make the device they're on, look shitdroidish.
    All those upgrading to iOS 7 when it's released, are androiders in disguise, and have no purpose owning an apple device.

    ...to each his own i guess.
    Some may want the smoothness, goodness, secureness of an apple device, combined with the fugliness, and dumb gestures of the shitdroid.

    Having an apple device, and not using it to its full potential, is like having a race car, and only using it to do groceries.

    I for one, will stick with my JB.
    I actually LIKE taking my Porsche to the grocery store!
    2013-06-11 01:52 PM
  18. Simon's Avatar
    You can't downgrade your 5 and its laggy as hell still.
    You can downgrade a iPhone 5 from ios7 beta to 6.1.4 just fine.
    2013-06-11 02:10 PM
  19. MrBozack's Avatar
    there is no way i'm giving up designing my own icons. NO WAY. i love that my iPhone doesn't look like any other phone in the world, because my theme is only on my phone.

    excactly dude!
    theming is a big reason to jailbreak an iphone too!!!!
    2013-06-11 02:37 PM
  20. chevymusclecar's Avatar
    A few reasons not to loose your Jailbreak...yet!
    2013-06-11 02:44 PM
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