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    I just don't see why they would make such a drastic change. I mean, if iOS is supposed to go so hand in hand with Mac OS why completely overhaul one and not the other? Their old design that looked like Mac OS made a ton more sense. Should of kept the old design with maybe some minor visual tweaks but with all the newly added features. I believe Steve Jobs would never of approved this.
    i agree with you. also, i dont think they should have changed either one. they should have kept both the same...

    iOS 7, huh, no color in the status bar. icons, flat phfft, why not 3D? White, white, white. Must be jailbroken to show Apple what it should really look like. But...what do I know?
    apparantly you know everything - I agree totally with you.
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    2013-06-13 08:44 AM
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    bite sms should be a no brainer ... cmon apple implement this to ios7 plssssss, there will be alot of happy campers
    2013-06-13 11:03 PM
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    can I upgrade my iOS 6 to iOS 7 now ?
    yes, google install ios 7 without a dev account......it worked just fine for me
    2013-06-14 04:50 AM
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    Do not recommend install on your everyday phone. These first beta is buggy as all get out, some apps don't works, good amount of crashes its just not worth it right now. Betas are for devs and it shows
    2013-06-14 05:21 AM
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    cyntact is no longer needed. favorites now have pictures next to them
    If they're in your favorites you probably already know who it is. Pictures are helpful when you don't necessarily remember a person's name (particularly for me, living in Tokyo and having a bunch of Japanese names in my address book).
    2013-12-30 11:31 AM
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    Does anyone know of any compatible winterboard themes for iOS 7??
    2014-01-08 01:29 AM
  7. Cowboy's Avatar
    Does anyone know of any compatible winterboard themes for iOS 7??
    Check the theme section out.
    2014-01-08 02:03 AM
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