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    Microsoft is planning to bring a number of its PC gaming titles to Apple’s iOS platform and Google’s Android platform in the near future. The titles include some big names including the “Age of Empires” franchise which has already been confirmed to be the first of a possible series of ports. A report from Japan’s Nikkei daily said that Microsoft recently reformed its partnership with mobile developer Klab, which has licensed Age of Empires for a global release sometime in 2013 according to Reuters.

    Microsoft’s entire catalog isn’t likely to go mobile, however the company did tell The Verge that “some reports included incorrect information about additional Xbox Live-based games on iOS and Android but there are no further announcements beyond Age of Empires at this time.”

    As of right now, Klab isn’t exactly a well-known developer and only has a handful of games to its names. The company’s biggest titles currently consist of Gigabot Wars and Lord of the Dragons. It’s suspected that Microsoft is looking to leverage older or otherwise low-performing games for a bit of extra profit by going through a third-party developer.

    Will any of you mobile or PC gamers be giving Age of Empires for iOS a shot upon its release?

    Source: Nikkei, Reuters via Yahoo, The Verge

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2013-06-26 02:09 AM
  2. Dometic's Avatar
    I loved the desktop series. I'll check it out
    2013-06-26 02:58 AM
  3. transam7816's Avatar
    I loved the series as well. Can't wait. Will buy no matter the cost.
    2013-06-26 03:48 AM
  4. Just Dummy's Avatar
    Same here. The best game of its kind ever made.
    2013-06-26 03:55 AM
  5. Daerid's Avatar
    2013-06-26 04:40 AM
  6. jds1469's Avatar
    IOS and Android? How does MSFT try and tell devs that it is simple to make apps and games for Windows RT and WP8 and they don't even do it?

    anyway. Glad to see the game on iOS
    2013-06-26 04:47 AM
  7. Silverado1987's Avatar
    *Click* Homo

    (If anyone gets it)
    2013-06-26 05:11 AM
  8. kalpesh78's Avatar
    Same here. The best game of its kind ever made.
    I hope they add some new factions to the game. I'm still playing this game on bootcamp even today.
    2013-06-26 05:54 AM
  9. HovikGas's Avatar
    2013-06-26 08:34 PM