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    BlackBerry has introduced a new security solution that separates work and personal apps and data on iOS and Android devices.

    "Secure Work Space for iOS and Android" is a new option with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 that offers customers with a BYOD policy a solution with “the best combination of security, user experience and total cost of ownership.”

    BlackBerry designed Secure Work Space to meet the management, security and cost needs of the CIO, and the user experience and functionality that employees demand.
    Not surprisingly, BlackBerry is well aware of the reality that there’s a huge enterprise market out there for the Canadian smartphone maker to conquer. According to Forrester Research, Inc., in 2016, some 350 million employees will use smartphones and 200 million will bring their own devices to the workplace

    “Secure Work Space builds on BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, and we found that BlackBerry’s secure infrastructure offered our company the best containerization solution to help mobilize our multi-platform environment, while maintaining a great user experience,” Thierry Lammers, Director and co-founder of e-office mobile, said in BlackBerry's official press release. “We’re looking forward to deploying this solution across our organization and to our customers in the coming months and bringing the separation of work and personal data to life on iOS and Android devices,” he says.

    Source: BlackBerry (press release)
    2013-06-26 07:36 PM
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    2013-06-26 08:04 PM
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    When will BBM come out for iOS?!?!? They said june and june is almost over!
    2013-06-26 08:52 PM