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    Obviously you "mute" it by turning the volume all the way down. To save bandwidth and royalty costs, doing so now pauses playback.
    Why on earth would it do that?
    2014-02-17 04:03 AM
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    Because, for example, your desk phone rang while your cell was playing Pandora and, otherwise, you'd have to wake up or unlock your cell before answering even though that wasn't the phone which was ringing.

    I do it multiple times a day with TuneIn Radio Pro playing on my Android phone. I hold Volume Down as I answer the phone and by the time I'm done introducing myself it's already muted. I saw the feature mentioned in one of my Android app updates but I don't see it now and it doesn't seem to work in any of my music/streaming apps. The TuneIn Radio app could really use the same functionality: It's even more useful when the content you muted is streaming live. I hate when I get a call during the news and I can't go back to hear it, which is why I paid for the Pro version with recording.
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    2014-02-24 05:21 PM
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