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    Pebble recently made an announcement starting that the smart watch went on to sell another 190,000 preorders through the product’s website after 85,000 customers originally backed the Pebble Kickstarter campaign. The figures don’t include Pebble’s debut last week at Best Buy either, when it sold out quickly on the company’s website as well as at many retail locations.

    According to Pebble Chief Executive Eric Migicovsky:

    This is great news for users and developers. More Pebbles = more of a market and demand for Pebble watch apps. With the goal of getting Pebble onto as many wrists as possible, our manufacturing team is constantly working to improve quality and increase capacity. Every day thousands of new Pebbles are rolling off the line.
    The company didn’t reveal how many Pebbles it has actually shipped to customers so far. The sales figures provided only encompass total preorders of the device, many of which have yet to be sent to buyers. On the software front, users have now downloaded more than 1 million watch apps for the Pebble. The company promised to flesh out its software development kit and expose new features and application programming interfaces for third-party developers.

    Pebble also promised support for Gmail and IMAP email notifications, which is a huge plus for many. The features are said to be coming to the wrist-worn device along with an update to its iOS application in the next two to three weeks.

    For those of you who don’t know much about it, the Pebble is a watch that connects to devices such as your iPhone via Bluetooth and provides useful information. It has an e-paper display that allows wearers to quickly glance information on their wrist. When paired with an iPhone, users can view text messages, phone calls, and even fitness data through apps like RunKeeper.

    We’ll have to wait and see how Pebble turns out as it is still currently developing rapidly. What’ll be more interesting to see is how Pebble will turn out if Apple releases the long-rumored “iWatch.”

    Source: Best Buy, Pebble (Kickstarter)

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2013-07-12 09:03 AM
  2. RICO_'s Avatar
    No thanks. If I want to view my useful information...I'll take the extra 2 seconds and pull out my phone.
    2013-07-12 09:17 AM
  3. bigred503's Avatar
    I freaking love my pebble. It works better on my galaxy s4 versus my old iPhone 4 though. It's stands up against water, looks great, and is very easy to learn to use. I would suggest buying one!
    2013-07-12 09:19 AM
  4. bigboyz's Avatar
    No thanks...U G L Y.
    2013-07-12 04:00 PM
  5. xhazex9x's Avatar
    Great now people will get pistol whipped when they cant get their watch off fast enough while being robbed lol
    2013-07-12 04:42 PM
  6. thetoothfairy's Avatar
    I rather wait it out to see if Apple makes one. If they do it will be snazzier than this one in many ways.
    2013-07-13 12:01 AM
  7. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    I rather wait it out to see if Apple makes one.
    Ditto, and reading the reviews on it, meh... most are not happy with reliability.
    2013-07-13 12:26 AM
  8. ensigma's Avatar
    I'd love a smartwatch but not sure how i feel about the looks granted it is one of the better looking smartwatches currently in the market
    2013-07-13 05:47 AM
  9. hogcia's Avatar
    Yup. I'll get shoot in my hood for something like this.
    2013-07-14 07:16 AM
  10. CZroe's Avatar
    No thanks. If I want to view my useful information...I'll take the extra 2 seconds and pull out my phone.
    And risk dropping it hundreds of times per week.
    2013-07-15 11:08 PM