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    The movie database app IMDb has recently been updated to version 3.3, adding several features into the mix. The update includes support or movie ticket purchases directly within the app for customers located in the U.S.; integration with the Amazon Mobile app, allowing users to buy a movie or TV show on DVD or Blu-ray; and celebrity bios. Last but not least, the updated provides fixes for several bugs.

    For those of you who use the iPhone version of the app, you’ll notice that the app also offers one tap access to full cast and filmography details from movie and celebrity pages, along with improvements to the Watchlist functionality.

    For a full list of updates, you can check out the changelog below:

    iPad and iPhone
    - "Tickets, please!" You can now conveniently purchase movie tickets via the IMDb App (currently US-only).
    - More bios for celebrities you know and love as well as for up-and-comers.
    - Want to buy a movie or TV show on DVD or Blu-ray? “Search via Amazon Mobile” to the rescue. Requires that you have the Amazon Mobile app, but we provide a handy link if you don't have it yet.
    - Also, did you know you can tap the "Coming Soon" bar above the title on upcoming movies to add the release date as an event to your calendar?
    - Bug fixes. Nasty tricksy bugsies. We hates them!

    - We heard you. By popular demand, we've updated the movie and celebrity pages to include one-tap access to the full cast/full filmography (which, yes, scrolls vertically).
    - You'll see that cute little Watchlist flag almost everywhere now. Tap it to add movies and shows to your Watchlist (and tap-and-hold to add to your other lists as well).
    The IMDb app is a universal app that can be downloaded from the App Store for free. If you’re a movie or TV show fanatic, I’d definitely recommend checking it out.

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    2013-07-16 12:16 AM