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    Google has issued a notable update to the free Google Chrome Web browser in the App Store for iOS Wednesday afternoon, bringing the popular third-party Web browser to version 28.0.1500.12.

    The update has added overall better integration with the rest of Google’s applications and services, such as YouTube, Google Maps, Google+, and Google Drive. This gives users the ability to open links to the application from Google Chrome and continue what they were doing in the application they open the link for.

    In addition, the update has improved the overall browsing experience by adding support for full-screen browsing on the iPad. Speed is also affected in this update by the new data cost savings, which promises to speed up page loading times. You will be able to see just how much data you’re saving with the new feature through the Google Chrome settings. Google notes that data cost savings are being rolled out at this point in time and everyone will be able to use the feature in coming weeks.

    The latest version of Google Chrome has also adopted better text to speech for other languages, as well as toolbar controls during voice search. Finally, the update gives us access to browsing history and offers several bug fixes and stability improvements to help with the application’s overall performance.

    Existing users of Google Chrome for iOS will find the update under the Updates tab in the App store for free. Alternatively, users can download the latest version of Google Chrome from the App Store for free via this App Store link.

    Sources: App Store
    2013-07-17 11:44 PM
  2. rvance's Avatar
    Hey, could someone verify if this update breaks tweaks? Because if so, I'll wait for the updated tweaks to work for the new update.
    2013-07-17 11:51 PM
  3. slim.jim's Avatar
    I don't know why they don't integrate support for the Gmail app. I would love for web email links to open up in the Gmail app instead of the native mail app.
    2013-07-18 12:04 AM
  4. Rcooley617's Avatar
    It don't break the tweak just updated & my chrome download still works fine
    2013-07-18 12:04 AM
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    2013-07-18 05:18 AM
  6. rvance's Avatar
    It don't break the tweak just updated & my chrome download still works fine
    Thanks bud, appreciate that!
    2013-07-18 06:26 AM