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    The struggle to get third place in the smartphone operating system wars may finally be settling in as Nokia’s recently revealed financial figures show that its Lumia line shipping more units last quarter than all of BlackBerry’s phones combined. Nokia ended up moving 7.4 million units of its Lumia line in the second quarter, a number which indicates 32% increase from its previous quarter but still lower than what analysts expected. The Finnish phone maker ended up posting an operating loss of roughly $151 million on $7.46 billion in revenue for the quarter.

    The financial figures are indicative of a mixed recovery for the struggling manufacturer, though the 7.4 million figure is lower than anticipated, the figure situates Nokia and the Windows Phone platform securely in third place among smartphone operating systems, just ahead of BlackBerry.

    For the last two years, both BlackBerry and Nokia have been struggling to retain relevance in a segment that the two firms once dominated, but BlackBerry has seemingly fared worse. Previously known as Research in Motion, BlackBerry has ended up falling far more than expected since its prime time in the industry. This part quarter, BlackBerry posted an $84 million loss as demand for its new BlackBerry 10 devices cooled shortly after their launch. The company ended up shipping 6.8 million smartphones in the quarter and less than half of those ran BlackBerry OS 10, the company’s most recent operating system.

    Nokia hasn’t fared much better since it “bet the company” on Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform but for now, the Windows Phone devices seem to be trending upward. Since the fourth quarter of 2011, Nokia has been on a slow rise, while BlackBerry has tumbled.

    Both the firms continue to struggle for attention in the U.S. while Nokia and Microsoft are resorting to mocking the major smartphone players to try to gain market share and BlackBerry has been attempting to expand its central services to cover both the Android and iOS platform. Both Apple and Samsung account for more than 90% of all smartphones shipped worldwide, virtually capturing all of the profit in the smartphone segment. As of right now, BlackBerry and Nokia both have a long way to go but hopefully sometime in the future, at least one if not both will rise and be considered an actual competitor to Android and iOS equivalents.

    Source: AppleInsider, Infog.ram

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2013-07-19 06:45 AM
  2. GnatGoSplat's Avatar
    Now that they're selling no-contract Nokia Lumia 521s for $100, that's cheap enough I couldn't even resist buying one to play around with. No plans to make it my primary though.
    2013-07-19 08:44 PM
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    If I had a choice I would take Windows beating out BB…which I really hope they do! The Lumia is actually a decent phone, same goes for the 8X, I actually enjoy both of them.
    2013-07-20 07:18 AM
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    Windows does in MHO have the better OS here. Much more fluid and user friendly. I liked BB 10 years ago just like most but times have changed and they are late to the party.
    2013-07-23 03:53 PM