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    Google recently pushed out a minor update to its cloud-connected Google Drive iOS app which brings hooks to the mobile versions of Safari and Chrome. The update also provides a new way to insert columns and rows into spreadsheets. This of course is in addition to the usual bug fixes that these updates usually provide.

    With the latest update, those who use the Google Drive service now have an easier way to insert rows and columns into spreadsheet documents on iOS devices. A new “+” button in Google Sheets offers an alternative to navigating the menu bar for the basic function. Furthermore, users are also given the ability to click on links within documents to open either Apple’s Safari or Google’s Chrome Web browser. This functionality is already available in other cloud syncing apps and now it’s available on Google Drive as well.

    The update comes just one week after Apple’s expansion of the iWork for iCloud beta, which was Apple’s answer to online productivity tools such as Google Drive. Although Apple’s suite is on par with Google’s offering, the service lacks the ability to collaborate effectively with other users in real time.

    Those of you interested in downloading Google Drive for your iOS device can do from the App Store.

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    2013-07-25 09:46 AM