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    Apple Tuesday added information to their online Knowledge Base about how to report iMessage spam directly to the Cupertino-based company.

    If you have been a victim of annoying business spam, someone that won’t leave you alone, or of the seemingly automated Unicode spam attacks, you should take action by taking a screenshot of the spam message(s) and sending it to Apple via the e-mail address [email protected].

    In the e-mail, you should include the sender's e-mail address or phone number, as well as the date and time that you received the message, with the screenshot. This information gives Apple all of the information they will need to look into the user's message history and ultimately determine if their actions were called for or not.

    The page also goes over the fact that you can only report iMessages to Apple. Not SMS messages. SMS message spam can be reported to your carrier. In iOS 7, Apple includes a block user feature that you will be able to use to take action for yourself. You should report the user before blocking them so that justice can be served.

    You can read more about the iMessage reporting here.

    Sources: Apple via Macstories
    2013-07-31 04:16 AM
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    Why not a simple report as spam button? Works for email, why not iMessage?
    2013-07-31 08:42 PM