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    From ordering pizza to redeeming restaurant coupons, food and mobile payments are more closely linked than ever today. And if OpenTable has its druthers, that relationship will only strength for an incalculable number of iPhone users.

    Although OpenTable has been helping users make restaurant reservations a while now, the ability to pick up the tab is finally entering the picture. According to published reports this week, OpenTable is now actively testing a payment-processing system that will let diners to pay for their meal from within the app, The New York Times reports.

    So how will it work exactly? When it's time for the check after the conclusion of a meal, the customer would simply open the app, review the tab, calculate the total (with tip), and then pay the bill directly from their iPhone.

    “There’s no scanning, there’s no bar codes, there’s no geeky stuff,” explains Matthew Roberts, chief executive of OpenTable.

    He said that OpenTable would not take a cut of each transaction if a diner paid with the app. The restaurant would be charged the typical interchange fee for a credit card transaction. The simple transactions through the app are another way to attract people to use OpenTable, which charges restaurants for reservations made through the service as well as a monthly service charge for using its equipment.
    OpenTable, which presently works with 28,000 restaurants around the world, didn't announce a national launch date for the in-app payment service, although tests are ongoing and look promising for the time being.

    Source: New York Times
    2013-08-02 08:26 PM
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    I'm sorry but the payment system has been a complete disaster in my eyes. It's 2013, we can fly cars, visit mars, SMH....
    2013-08-03 02:02 AM