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    On Tuesday, Twitter introduced two-step verification as it released the latest update to its official iOS app.

    "Now you can protect your account with login verification," the microblogging giant confirmed, introducing what's new in version 5.9. "This is a new form of two-factor authentication that you can turn on and manage directly from your app."

    Basically, in addition to the SMS-based login verification that Twitter released in May, you can use login verification without relying on text messages.

    Not surprisingly, Twitter is taking in no shortage of praise for simultaneously improving and simplifying account security.

    "Good stuff from Twitter," observed Andrew Storms, senior senior director of DevOps at CloudPassage. "I like how they took it a step further, despite being slow to implement the initial two-factor compared to other big vendors."

    "Not needing SMS means even users with tablets or those without phones can use two-factor, [people with an] iPod Touch, for example," Storms told ComputerWorld. "I have to give Twitter the tip of the hat by taking this beyond SMS."

    Source: ComputerWorld
    2013-08-07 12:35 AM