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    Last week, we told you about CocoaNuts’ plans to launch Celeste 2, an iOS 6-compatible version of the highly popular Celeste Bluetooth Sharing software for iOS that allows the user to send files over Bluetooth to other Bluetooth-capable devices.

    CocoaNuts have been kind enough to give ModMyi an exclusive sneak peek of the internal Celeste 2 beta, so we can show you how the application will work on iOS 6.

    Celeste 2 will have all of the features of the original Celeste Bluetooth Sharing, and more. Most notably, the software now uses Apple's native iOS Bluetooth, meaning that the software is now zero-configuration and just works. Because Celeste 2 uses Apple’s own built-in Bluetooth, the general hypothesis is that Celeste 2 may already be compatible with iOS 7 out of the box. CocoaNuts notes that we will have to wait for iOS 7 to be jailbroken to be completely sure of this, as additional testing may be necessary. Tapping into Apple's Bluetooth also means that Tethering and listening to music won't be interrupted by Bluetooth file transfers.

    You will be able to start using the software immediately without having to set up any Bluetooth devices or configure any settings. The software lets the user send files from several applications in iOS, including Photos, Music, Safari, Dropbox, and many more. The software also supports receiving files from Bluetooth devices, and integrates with CocoaNuts' famous Gremlin software so that received files can be imported to the device's media library automatically with virtually no effort on the user's part.

    To send a photo from the Photos application, the user simply needs to find a photo that they want to send, access the sharing menu, then tap on the Send with Celeste button to bring up the Bluetooth interface. From here, the user picks a device they want to send it to, then confirms the file on the receiving device, and then the file transfer begins. You will be able to see the progress of the file transfer, and you will receive a banner notification when the file transfer is complete:

    Celeste 2 also integrates with Notification Center to show you the file transfer progress in a widget there. You can enable or disable the Notification Center widget from the Notifications preferences pane in the Settings application:

    Celeste 2 doesn’t only support sending photos, but also music or videos from your media library. To do this, you simply need to tap and hold on media from Song view in the Music application to bring up an Action Menu that has a Send button. Tapping on the Send button will bring you through the file-sending interface:

    One of the cool new features in Celeste 2 is the ability to send Web site links to other Bluetooth-capable devices. In the event that you start reading something on the Internet on your mobile device, and want to pick up on another device, such as a large-screened laptop or desktop, you can send the link as a text file to that device. You can do so by accessing the Share menu in Mobile Safari, and then tapping on the Send with Celeste button to move through the file-sending process:

    If you thought Celeste 2 would only support sending files to other devices over Bluetooth... well... nope!

    Celeste 2 also lets you receive files over Bluetooth and imports them to your media library for you. To do this, just use one of your Bluetooth-capable devices and scan for your iOS device with Celeste 2 installed on it. You'll get a pop-up on the iOS device with Celeste 2 installed on it when you attempt to initiate a transfer asking if you want to receive the file or deny it. By receiving it, you will be able to monitor the progress of the file transfer, get notified when the file transfer finishes, and then view the file in the media library:

    Celeste 2 puts an application icon on your home screen where you can monitor the file transfer progress of any active file transfers, as well as enable or disable automatically importing files with Gremlin, and enable or disable showing the application upon receiving a file:

    From what it looks like, the Celeste 2 application is finished for the most part, so a release is expected in the very near future. CocoaNuts tells us that some additional testing must be done on other Bluetooth devices before it's ready. No specific date has been given just yet, but we will keep you updated on the latest!

    Celeste 2 will be a free upgrade for existing Celeste Bluetooth Sharing owners, and new users will be able to pick it up for $9.99 when it's out on Cydia.
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    It would be nice to know when it's out
    2013-08-12 06:33 PM
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    It would be nice to know when it's out
    We will let you know as soon as it's out, don't worry!
    2013-08-12 06:37 PM
  4. littlelisa63's Avatar
    Hopefully soon
    2013-08-12 06:47 PM
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    Never messed with this before.
    2013-08-12 07:17 PM
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    Isn't this a bit late...just sayin
    2013-08-12 08:19 PM
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    Better late than never they should give a discount for all the time they kept us waiting lol
    2013-08-12 08:27 PM
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    Not impressed at all. Sure, it looks polished enough, but this Sneak Peek shows absolutely nothing AirBlue Sharing hasn't been offering for months, and this one isn't even out yet! Given Cocoa's concept of "soon" it could even not get released for another couple of months. I franky miss the point of all this excitement for something which offers all but something new and...exciting. More than half an year...for this?? LOL
    It uses Apple's native Bluetooth? Well...nice...but only practice will tell if there's an advantage there. Quicker updates when iOS gets updated? Well, Eric Day took about a week to port AirBlue to iOS6, thus frankly...who cares?! There's absolutely 0 evidence that this new version is going to support some of AirBlue's big selling points, most of all the ability to send or receive multiple files in a single pass (to name just one).
    Celeste has been pretty much the pioneer in Bluetooth department, as long as it has been the only one on the market, but devs have enjoyed themselves about this position keeping slacking and just let it die (although they promised, and promised, and promised...). I doubt there will be a true resurrection.
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    Celeste has been pretty much the pioneer in Bluetooth department, as long as it has been the only one on the market, but devs have enjoyed themselves about this position keeping slacking and just let it die (although they promised, and promised, and promised...). I doubt there will be a true resurrection.
    As we've shown you in this post, this is the resurrection. It has been created and is awaiting release.

    Support for the iPad needs to be finished, as well as some support for a few additional devices.

    It works fully on our test devices without error.

    We've been talking to the CocoaNuts developers actively and there is only so much we can share right now, but it's coming. We guarantee that .
    2013-08-12 11:09 PM
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    Well, I don't know in what way you are involved with the dev crew, but I stopped believing in such marketing gimmickry to increase expectations long time ago (endless tweets about it about to come, Sneak Peaks and so on).
    Again, I see ZERO from this Sneak Peek I feel excited from, you'll tell me "we haven't really shown everything" to make it look more exciting, but I'm not a sheep, sorry
    We're way into August and they still have to finish iPad support, are they going to succeed before the end of the Year? All I see is the usual "no ETA, will be soon, blah blah blah" I've been seeing for the last 8 months (not to speak of the same past year)...LOL

    I'll try it if and when it will get released, I was so stupid to buy it during the very first hours it was released (at least I got it discounted), but just for curiosity. This tweak is dead, and its creators killed it...long time ago.
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    2013-08-13 06:13 AM
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    I do hope they do get some sales from new customers. Back on iOS4 they were the only one around. When iOS5 came out, there were some 75000 views on the Modmyi Celeste forum about how to get it working on iOS5. Now with iOS6 out, on the same forum, there are only 5000 views about getting it working on iOS6. This must be because AirBlue came out. I think it would make sence to now match AirBlue's price so new customers only have to choose on usability and options.

    Seeing as Celeste 2 is only for iOS6, Cocoanuts should really put the working iOS4/5 versions of Celeste 1.1-g2 and Gremlin 2.0i-2 back on Cydia as they were removed 6 months ago.
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    If it also does what roqyBT4 does and allows connection to third party Bluetooth devices like OBD modules, I absolutely will purchase it. roqyBT4 set me back 6 bucks, but it's very useful to me. I don't see the point in redundant local file sharing when we have root access and iFile as it is. The cloud also exists as well.
    2013-08-13 02:57 PM
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    I have dependencies issues installing this app can anyone help me out
    2013-09-02 11:06 AM
  14. DC_Dave's Avatar
    Hi, what dependant files is it asking for? And what iOS are you on?
    2013-09-03 09:48 PM