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    According to a report from our friends at 9to5Mac, Apple has Friday started to warn developers about the upcoming Kid section in the App Store in iOS 7 that was discussed at WWDC 2013. The launch of the new section is imminent and developers should prepare their applications for the section if they are to be involved.

    The focus of the Kid section in the App Store, as Apple shares, is to allow parents to view a list of applications that are "age-appropriate" and allow parents to download them for their children accordingly. Kids may also browse through the section to look for applications aimed specifically for their age group.

    The kid section will be split into groups depending on age, such as one group for ages 5 and under, another group for ages 6 to 8, and yet another group for ages 9 to 11.

    Developers can pick one, and only one, of these age groups for their applications. Developers can list their applications under the Kids category in the App Store by submitting a new version of the application to the App Store under the new category. Apple notes that the Kids category under the "Games" section in the App Store will be done away with to make room for this new Kids section in iOS 7, which will include several different kinds of applications.

    Apple includes instructions for developers to list their applications under the Kids category throughout the meat of the e-mail, as well as other useful links.

    Users of the App Store can expect to see the Kids section go live in the App Store this Fall with the release of iOS 7 to the public.

    Sources: 9to5Mac
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    This will help parents out a lot. However I can't believe that Apple will only let developers choose one group.
    2013-08-17 03:00 AM
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    Wow this is great! folks will have the option to present their kids with this new category this is a very swell innovation i commend their efforts.
    2013-08-19 11:42 AM