1. bobright's Avatar
    I must say, really wanted to come in here and talk about what a crock of shit these type of apps are. I really did but I used it for the first time last night and I have to say, I slept soundlhy and woke up feeling very refreshed. I didn't even wake up in the middle of the night like I normally do. I had very realistic, vivid dreams too. I'm very skeptical of such things so I don't think I'm experiencing a placebo effect. I'm going to use this for a while and see if I continue to sleep well with it. The alarm feature is nice too. It woke me up very slowly, not suddenly like a typical alarm clock. I set the sleep sounds to turn off after 2.5 hours and then turn on a gain at 6 AM to wake me.
    Did you guys so who used this and felt like it worked purchase in app sound packs or just used the default?
    2013-08-25 07:39 AM
  2. thazsar's Avatar
    I just use the free sound but am tempted to buy a certain one
    2013-08-25 08:44 AM
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