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    A plastic rear shell, which is alleged to be a production part for Apple’s rumored low-cost “iPhone 5C,” has appeared in a new video report out of Taiwan, where it was measured and even put through a scratch resistance test. The shell, procured by Taiwanese blog Apple Daily, is subjected to a cursory durability test by shaking it in a plastic bag alongside coins and car keys, then forcefully scratching at the surface with the tip of a key. The shell comes out of the test mostly unscathed, a good sign for the durability of the “iPhone 5C” if the part is indeed a legitimate one.

    The report indicates that the shell sports a hardiness equivalent to an “8H” grade on the pencil hardness test, the second-hardest grade given. The pencil hardness test is a standard measure of a material’s scratch resistance for those of you who didn’t know.

    Although it is plausible that the shell in the report could be a legitimate Apple part, there are some inconsistencies, such as the lack of regulatory markings below the “iPhone” name. This could indicate it may be a well-made fake. Schematics for the “iPhone 5C” have been circulating among Chinese accessory manufacturers since as early as June.
    A purported “iPhone 5S” back plate also seems to make an appearance in the report, sporting a redesigned flash enclosure for the rumored dual LED flash. This part features a blue back, suggesting it may not be authentic.

    Time will tell though if the report was right as the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S are both expected to be announced at a media event on September 10.

    Source: Apple Daily via MacRumors

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    2013-08-22 02:27 AM
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    2013-08-22 08:49 AM
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    I just hope that this shell does not crack in case the unit is dropped looks fragile.
    2013-08-22 09:44 AM
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    I just hope that this shell does not crack in case the unit is dropped looks fragile.
    If you drop it hard enough for the plastic to crack I think the screen would be much more of a concern.
    2013-08-22 03:38 PM
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    What about cigarette bud test ? See if it will leave a mark on the plastic ?
    2013-08-22 07:39 PM