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    For weeks, there's been a healthy buzz surrounding Apple's purported plans to introduce an iPhone trade-in program. On Monday, however, a new report suggesting that Apple's retail employees are being actively prepped for this program surfaced.

    As of this writing, Apple's retail employees are being trained on the still-unannounced program in order to be completely familiar with it prior to launch. In a few stores, the trade-in program has already commenced.

    "The trade-in program is actually already being piloted in some Apple stores, we’ve discovered," TechCrunch reported Monday. "Those stores aren’t just preparing internally for an eventual program, they’ve been offering trade-ins to customers for several weeks."

    The program works just as you might expect. An iPhone owner brings in a functional, non-water damaged iPhone to an Apple Store for evaluation. Once the device's trade-in value is assessed through a series of steps. Values, we're told, are determined by everything from device color to screen and body scratches.

    Upon completion of the evaluation and valuation, the customer is given a gift card carrying the balance of his or her traded-in iPhone.

    "The balance is applied to a new device," Tech Crunch's Matthew Panzarino explains, "and the customer keeps the gift card if there’s money left over. The store keeps the old phone. The trade-in program is only applicable if you’re in the store to get a new phone, so you can’t just trade it for a gift card."

    Source: Tech Crunch
    2013-08-27 02:12 AM
  2. offroad1994's Avatar
    can you trade an iphone that is on a verizon two year contract? say iphone 5 for 5s?
    2013-08-27 03:34 AM
  3. Right2YaDome's Avatar
    An iPhone owner brings in a functional, non-water damaged iPhone to an Apple Store
    2013-08-27 04:14 AM
  4. offroad1994's Avatar
    Verizon price to cancel a contract is $350. iPhone 5 is worth $330 via gazelle. So it could cost $20 plus new two year contract, plus cost of iPhone 5s.

    Unless there is some direct swap-trade that keeps the verizon contract, or extends it. Plus cost of iphone 5s.

    The article needs more details.
    2013-08-27 04:29 AM
  5. steve-z17's Avatar
    Apple would have to be pretty dang close to what I could get from selling it online (unlocked), otherwise I don't think I'd ever use their program. I also don't like the idea of left over money being on a Apple gift card. But it's nice that they have this option available.
    2013-08-27 06:59 AM
  6. recellseo's Avatar
    I just hope that this entire process would not take a long time to go through and also i hope they will give a good deal to their trade in customers..otherwise this is just another selling tactic..
    2013-08-27 11:14 AM
  7. Jahooba's Avatar
    I don't even have an Apple store anywhere near me, so I don't think I'll be using this program.
    2013-08-27 08:42 PM