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    Apple already appears to be setting up a September 10th event to unveil the new iPhone lineup, new iPad lineup, new iOS software, new Mac software, and more. From what we originally thought, Apple was to release the iOS 7 Gold Master on this day as well, but more recent sources say otherwise.

    An e-mail sent out to Nuance developers Monday evening seems to hint that iOS 7 GA "general availability" will be released on September 10th, 2013. Notably, the e-mail doesn't say GM as we would expect for "gold master." The e-mail is shown above via The Verge.

    Why Nuance you ask? Nuance is a huge part of Apple's built-in Siri services. The e-mail was sent out specifically to Nuance's NDEV developers to encourage testing before the official iOS 7 release to ensure that the release goes as smoothly as possible.

    Currently, iOS 7 is in its sixth beta as developers continue to test the software in its non-public stages.

    Sources: The Verge
    2013-08-27 04:23 AM