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    Customers who are currently looking to upgrade their iPhone this fall can now lock in a guaranteed trade-in price through October 15 at Gazelle. This will ensure that they receive the same amount after Apple’s anticipated September 10 product announcement. Gazelle made the new trade-in pricing guarantee announcement just a few weeks before Apple is expected to introduce its next-generation iPhones. As expected, the trade-in values of current iPhone models will drop once the new models are announced but customers can avoid any further price drops once the event passes.

    An example of the trade-ins, the 16 GB AT&T iPhone 5 in “flawless condition” can be locked in at a payment of $330. Similarly, a 16 GB Verizon iPhone 4S in perfect condition can be locked in at $185. Gazelle is currently taking trade-ins on all iPhone models except for the first-generation version which was originally released in 2007. The company also accepts models compatible with smaller U.S. networks such as Sprint and T-Mobile. Factory unlocked iPhone models, which can be used easily on a variety of carriers are worth more. A 16 GB unlocked iPhone 4S currently has a trade-in value of $225.

    Users can take advantage of the current promotion at Gazelle’s website. A form needs to be completed at Gazelle’s website and shipping materials will be sent for free. The customers must then send their old iPhone by October 15 to receive the quoted cash prize. According to Chief Marketing Officer at Gazelle, Sarah Welch:

    "Our price lock promotion allows savvy consumers to maximize the value of their old iPhone and lets them wait until after the new iPhone is here to send in their old one. In many cases we pay enough to cover the full cost of upgrading to a new phone. We've been doing this quietly for years to help our customers get great value despite the potential challenges of getting their hands on a new iPhone in the early days of a launch, and we're delighted to extend the price lock program even further this year."

    Although the new price guarantee applies to iPhone trade-ins, Gazelle is also an option for users looking to sell their iPad as well. Currently, customers can receive $250 for a 16 GB fourth-generation Wi-Fi iPad in perfect condition.

    For those of you who didn’t know, Gazelle is one of a number of companies that offer trade-ins of used Apple equipment. This includes iPhones, iPads and MacBooks.

    Will any of you be using Gazelle? If not, what service will you be using if you are trading in your iOS devices?

    Source: Gazelle

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2013-08-27 05:22 AM
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    Well, since I live in San Diego I use SellTechToday.com . They meet you same-day with cash (if local), or you can mail in your device to be paid with Paypal...same day. I've used Gazelle before too. All of them are decent, some just take longer than others to receive your money.
    2013-08-27 05:52 AM
  3. RS5's Avatar
    I'm upgrading my 4s to a HTC One but I've heard mixed reviews of gazelles payment process, so I'm a but wary of them.
    2013-08-27 05:55 AM
  4. kosher1's Avatar
    Lock yah. Then when they get your phone they lower its condition and you in a bind. Screw them.
    2013-08-27 06:54 AM
  5. wolverinemarky's Avatar
    I will stick to eBay I have done well selling my other iPhones for way more then 330
    2013-08-27 09:25 AM
  6. javiert30's Avatar
    eBay, the better way...
    2013-08-27 10:45 AM
  7. recellseo's Avatar
    With all the negative news above i wonder if this is really a good service to avail too...maybe i'll take a look at it...a lot closer...
    2013-08-27 12:08 PM
  8. hogcia's Avatar
    I have a custom yellow iPhone 5, so eBay it is
    2013-08-27 03:54 PM
  9. HovikGas's Avatar
    I have a custom yellow iPhone 5, so eBay it is
    And if you unlock it, you can sell it for more, especially if you're on AT&T, it's ridiculously cheap.
    2013-08-27 04:55 PM
  10. politicalslug's Avatar
    Only $15 difference between a 16Gb and a 64Gb iPhone 5? How dumb do they think we are? Have they not seen the resale values on craigslist? Oh, right, they have. I guess they're smart enough to realize most people are dumb enough to fall for this.
    They can have my jailbreak when they pry it from my cold dead fingers.
    2013-08-27 05:34 PM
  11. *T*'s Avatar
    Couldn't you explain what gazelle is???
    2013-08-27 07:11 PM
  12. mlee19841's Avatar
    Sorry but gazel sucks. Go with ebay or cl for a better profit.
    2013-08-27 07:33 PM
  13. brandyn baker's Avatar
    I use glyde
    2013-08-27 07:50 PM
  14. wolverinemarky's Avatar
    Couldn't you explain what gazelle is???
    Gazelle is a company that will buy your used electronics ie IPhones you fill out the form telling them the condition and they tell you what they pay for phones in that condition. Then you send it in. They compare it to how u describe it and they either lower the amount they offered or give you what they said they would. It's less hassle then eBay and cl but less money usually
    2013-08-27 08:54 PM