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    The popular Google Reader alternative Feedly recently opened up its premium subscription service to all users. The new features grant users’ access to a highly requested article search function among other features for a monthly fee. After its limited 5,000 person test run earlier in August, Feedly, one of the top alternatives to Google’s now shut down Reader, the service has decided to have the premium model go public.

    Given the name, “Feedly Pro,” the premium offering gives users one0click saves to Pocket and Evernote, priority placement for support requests, HTTPS and the ability to search for articles within an RSS feed. According to the company, the subscription money will help scale up the Feedly cloud infrastructure to support additional apps, as well as further development of planned features and customer support. As far as the upcoming feature set goes, Pro users will get the chance to vote on what comes out next, though the details of the voting system haven’t been revealed as of yet.

    Those of you who are big RSS feed users might be interested in knowing that the pricing starts at $5 per month or $45 per year. If you are interested in making the purchase, you can click here to sign up. Along with a web client, Feedly also has a universal iOS app which is also free to download and use from the App Store.

    Source: Feedly, iTunes

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    2013-08-27 09:25 AM
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    I use Pulse for RSS feeds
    2013-08-27 09:55 AM
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    Wow content search has never been too easy...
    2013-08-27 01:11 PM