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    Apple’s online store went down almost three and a half hours before the company is scheduled to open pre-orders for the new iPhone 5C which was unveiled at a media event on Tuesday. As usual, the Online Apple Store is showing a “We’ll be back” sign as backend preparations are made for the expected rush of orders from customers wanting to be the first to order the new iPhone 5C.

    Aside from Apple, customers will also have a number of other pre-order options available come 12:01 AM Pacific, 3:01 AM Eastern.

    As many of you making the purchase probably already know, Apple’s iPhone 5C will sport a colorful steel-reinforced polycarbonate shell with internals largely borrowed from the iPhone 5. Some components have been upgraded including a backside illuminated FaceTime camera and support for a wider range of LTE networks.

    As of right now, it remains to be seen how the plastic-shelled iPhone 5C will resonate with consumers. The new device basically takes the place of the outgoing iPhone 5, which would have been positioned between a free-on-contract iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5S had Apple continued its sales strategy from previous years.

    Source: Apple

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    2013-09-13 07:28 AM
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    here it comes.....or not come

    UPDATE: Just locked in a blue iPhone 5C 16GB

    It was either the blue or yellow, but I'd figure the blue has a brighter and ambient color to it
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    2013-09-13 08:45 AM
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    iPhone 5c. What a joke.
    2013-09-13 10:34 AM
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    iPhone 5c. What a joke.
    2013-09-14 12:15 AM
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    I don't think so. Its working proper and perfect.
    2013-09-18 08:10 AM