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    Just in case you've missed out on the new jailbreak tweaks Cydia has seen, this recap will highlight all of the the jailbreak tweaks we've shown you this week. These are in no specific order.

    1. LyricFlow – FREE (With $3.99 Upgrade)

    With a new application called LyricFlow, you can enjoy an all-new music experience in iOS. LyricFlow improves the Music application in iOS, making the Cover Flow feature even more beautiful with additional animation effects. In addition, users will find iTunes 11-like album artwork backgrounds when listening to music that can be set to show either the lyrics of the song that’s playing, or the biography of the band. You can read more about this awesome application for music-lovers at this link.

    2. Launch Notify – $1.00

    Launch Notify is a new jailbreak tweak that lets you customize notifications that can appear when you launch notifications. The notifications are set up to act a lot like splash screens, as they appear when the application is loading, and basically disappear when the application is open. They include information like the application name, the application icon, and the time that the application was opened. You can read more about Launch Notify at this link.

    3. AirPlay for Activator – FREE

    AirPlay for Activator is a simple add-on for Activator that allows you to easily launch the AirPlay interface so you can select an AirPlay device. You do so through the use of an Activator gesture of your choice. You can read more about AirPlay for Activator at this link.

    4. StatusColor – FREE

    StatusColor is a new jailbreak tweak that lets you change the color of your Status Bar to just about anything you want. You can read more about StatusColor at this link.

    5. SBPageSwipe – FREE

    SBPageSwipe is a new free jailbreak tweak that lets you easily swipe to the first or last page on your home screen by simply swiping left or right on the page dots. You can read more about SBPageSwipe at this link.

    6. DisableCam – FREE

    DisableCam is a new free jailbreak tweak that lets you easily enable or disable the front or rear camera on demand. This is a great jailbreak tweak for those that have broken cameras and want to remove a useless camera-switching button from the camera interface. You can read more about DisableCam at this link.

    7. Reeder2Enhancer – FREE

    Reeder2Enhancer loads the new Reeder 2 application in the App Store with a number of new features. You can read more about Reeder2Enhancer at this link.

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    2013-09-16 06:13 AM