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    On Wednesday, Apple issued an update to the iBooks application with some compatibility fixes for iOS 7, but that’s not all they did. They also released a new user guide for iOS 7 that users can download to read more about the new mobile operating system and the devices that they run on.

    Users can search “iOS 7” to find the guides in the iBooks Store. There is a guide each for the iPad and iPod touch and both of them are free. Notably, there isn't an iPhone version of the iOS 7 user guide just yet. We suspect they may be waiting for the launch of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

    Each of the iOS 7 guides available are 137-138 pages long and under 20MB in size. You can grab them right now if you'd like to learn more about your devices and their capabilities.

    Notably, guides are still available in the iBooks Store for older iOS operating systems as well.

    iOS 7 was released to the public on Wednesday. We have a full feature list that you can read about at this link.

    Sources: AppleInsider
    2013-09-18 07:22 PM